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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
10 February 2006 @ 03:05 pm
I haven't experienced this much cold since Trabia. But the good news is, I'll be attending Garden! :)

But, I won't be going the SeeD route. I think I'd rather have something like a medical job, or something to do with education.

Oh, and Valentine's Day is coming up! I know no one has heard of it until recently, and I agree that it's a rather commercial holiday, but, I still think that putting a day aside to celebrate the ones you love is sweet. I remember that in Galbadia, the men had to give women flowers and the women had to give men colored paper. What do people do in Balamb?

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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
02 February 2006 @ 03:49 pm
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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
31 January 2006 @ 04:40 pm
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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
30 January 2006 @ 03:52 am
Okay, this sucks. I was totally chewed out by Cid for that incident with Angelo. Geez, I thought I locked him up! And now I probably won't be able to enter the building anymore because of that. I mean, Angelo is a fighting dog. ...As well as my friend. ...There go my chances of being a SeeD. Ah, well, there are plenty of other jobs out there. It's not like Garden is the only place in Balamb...or Fisherman's Horizon, rather, where you can get education, is it?

But even worse than that, I found this article in the paper saying that some Triple magic has been scientifically altered and a theif has stolen the patent and placed it in several draw points nearly in any place he could, around the globe!

What this Triple spell can do is not only multiply your magic, but yourself by three. And because the spell has been placed in assorted draw points scattered all over the planet, it means that any para-magic user has been exposed to it. Since the spell is only an experiment, there's no predicting what our "triplets" will look like or act like.

But who knows? Maybe my triplet could be a new friend. Or, I hope... Seifer, have you seen anyone who looks like you?

In other news, I found Zell by the cafeteria. He seems... his usual self... I think...

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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
02 January 2006 @ 12:35 am
So, Seifer's got a journal, too? Wow. This is a shock. I never thought he'd get one of these. Then again, I don't think Squall would, either. Would he?

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But, anyway, I really love this holiday. It's the time to start off with a clean slate. Most people see it as an excuse to get drunk... Actually, I used to think about it like that until a few years ago, too. Not that I ever drank. I never really liked any of the lavish New Year's parties I went to. Yeah, you'd think it was fun being rich, but try living with a parent who is almost never home and locks you up, and doesn't believe in anything you do.

I need a trip to the Training Center...

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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
06 December 2005 @ 12:51 pm
And so I've got a journal. Wow, I wonder how many people will look at it...? Well, thank goodness for private entries! But, some things like the lack of freedom that a lot of countries experience must be kept public. After all, if they can't speak for themselves, who else will? I always get stuff like "You're strange and stupid for thinking about things that don't pertain to you". Well, thank goodness I'm not selfish like you. Hey, I'd rather be thinking of ways to keep the population prosperous.

But anyway... Last night, I went out with Squall. He's become more affectionate since we've first met, that's for sure, but he's still rather shy. Sometimes, I just wanna make him run around screaming in the woods. But, he's probably not into that. I wouldn't want to force him into something he doesn't want to do. This is the same guy who tells me not to be so impulsive! Heh, opposites do attract, and we're living proof. Well, I should be leaving before the cafeteria runs out of hot dogs again, just like the last infinity times. I hope Zell managed to snag one this time, even if it's for himself.


Rinoa Heartilly
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Canon!Rinoa Heartilly
06 December 2005 @ 12:50 pm
(Please recycle.)